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  • In the pursuit of sustainable development, green development and circular development, Trimax not only creates value for shareholders and sets up a stage for employee growth, but also pays more attention to the harmonious and stable development of relations with various stakeholders, is enthusiastic about public welfare and philanthropy, gives back to the society actively, promotes positive social energy and highlights corporate social value.

    • "Creating excellence, advocating civilized" spirit of enterprise is passed to the employees, customers and social public, the future and enterprise staff personal prospects, of the nation's future, the future of society, the integrity of law-abiding and individual morality, family virtue, professional morality and social morality, advocating "always trusted by customers, trust in the market, trust in society".

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    • Talents are the first resource of an enterprise and guarantee the implementation of all development strategies. In order to develop an enterprise, the development strategy driven by talents should not be shaken. The employment culture of haibawa is the premise, the competition mechanism of survival of the fittest is the key, and the stage of learning and growth is the guarantee and people-oriented harmonious atmosphere is the basis. Trimax will drive innovation and development with talents and achieve the national vision!

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    • Corporate culture: integrity, openness, embrace change, trust and gratitude for passion for teamwork
      Our values: integrity, care and enthusiasm
      Our mission: to comprehensively improve customer and employee satisfaction, constantly create value, and finally realize and improve the social value of the enterprise.
      Our vision: to be an international supplier of integrated women's wear with comprehensive solutions, established in China An independent brand of middle and high-end women's wear with a certain status brings beauty, confidence and dreams to people.

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